Team selection App

How to use it

A quick demo of the team sheet app can be seen here:

A quick demo of how to use the register App can be seen here:

The team selection app should be fairly self-explanatory I hope, you can use this to ask for availability for the minis tournaments. To use this:

  1. Navigate to:

  2. Click on the “Squads” menu item from the top (black) menu.

  3. Click on the “Add New Team Sheet” button.

  4. Fill in the fixture details

  5. Click on the select players button to select your team.

  6. Click the save button.

  7. Tick the players that you want to send an availability request to (probably all of them).

  8. Click on the “Send Email” Drop down button and select “Availability Request”.

All players will receive an email asking them to log their availability. The availability will be shown on your team page when you next log in or when you refresh / reload the page (note that there is a refresh button on the page).

NOTE: You may need to resend this request to some players.

NOTE 2: Make sure you click the save button to save any changes before sending out an email or exiting. NOTE 2: Make sure you click the save button to save any changes before sending out an email or exiting.

Once you have the availability of all players, you can send out a team sheet using the “Send Email” drop down button.  The team list will contain all available players and will be sent to all of the ticked players.

Email Functionality

The team selection app has built in email functionality. Using the "Send Email" drop down button, you can send the following emails:

  1. Availability Request - Sends an email to all checked players asking them to log their availability (via a link).

  2. Team sheet - sends an email to all checked players with the team sheet for the fixture. Note the team sheet will list all players marked as available. Make sure you mark any players that are not needed as "Not Selected" and save.

  3. Message - Allows you to send an email message to all checked players.

  4. Availability List - Allows you to email the availability list to another coach / manager.

  5. Match Fee Link - Sends an email to all checked players with a link to the match fee collection page.


The App has sent a team sheet that lists too many players, why?

The app will assume that all players marked as available are selected. If you do not want to select some of the players, ensure that they are marked at "Not Selected" or any other state rather than Available.